Prof. Dr. Jan Bernd Nordemann, LL.M.

Partner | Attorney at Law (Germany) • Certified Copyright and Media Lawyer • Certified Industrial Property Rights Lawyer

As one of Germany’s leading copyright lawyers, Jan Bernd Nordemann represents national and international clients before the courts, provides expert legal opinions on copyright issues and drafts and negotiates copyright agreements. He also provides policy consultancy in relation to the development of copyright law, advises associations and political parties. In addition, Jan has been engaged on a number of occasions as an expert witness on German law in US court proceedings. He also has extensive expertise in anti-trust law. In this field, Jan primarily works at the interface with intellectual property law, in particular as regards the anti-trust law compliance of license agreements, R&D contracts, distribution agreements and self-regulation by media associations. Another focus of his work is competition law. He has been representing companies in competition law proceedings in court for many years. Jan is also an expert in trade mark law and has many years’ experience in this field. He advises both German and international companies on all issues regarding trade mark law. 

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  • Publications


    • Co-editor and co-author of “Fromm/Nordemann“, Copyright Law [“Fromm/Nordemann”, Urheberrecht]
    • Co-author of the antitrust law commentary “Loewenheim/Meessen/Riesenkampff/Kersting/Meyer-Lindemann
    • Co-author of the standard work Nordemann: Competition Law – Trademark Law” [“NordemannWettbewerbsrecht – Markenrecht]
    • Author of numerous chapters in the standard work Loewenheim: Manual of Copyright” [“LoewenheimHandbuch des Urheberrechts]
    • Co-author in the field of copyright contract law in “Munich Contract Handbook” [Münchner Vertragshandbuch]
    • Co-author in “Bröcker/Czychowski/Schäfer: Handbook Intellectual Property on the Internet” [Bröcker/Czychowski/Schäfer: Handbuch Geistiges Eigentum im Internet”]
    • Jan Bernd Nordemann / Julian Waiblinger, Art. 17 DSM-RL – Tension with the existing law [Spannungsverhältnis zum bisherigen Recht?], GRUR 2020, 569
    • Jan Bernd Nordemann/ Viktoria Kraetzig, Die große Kunst der Maschinen, available at
    • Jan Bernd Nordemann/ Julian Waiblinger, The development of case law of lower and higher courts in copyright law in 2019 [“Die Entwicklung der unter- und obergerichtlichen Rechtsprechung zum Urheberrecht im Jahr 2019”], GRUR-RR 2020, 185
    • Jan Bernd Nordemann/ Julian WaiblingerCurrent Legislation and Jurisprudence of the Highest Courts in Copyright Law [“Aktuelle Gesetzgebung und höchstrichterliche Rechtsprechung im Urheberrecht”], NJW 2020, 737
    • Jan Bernd Nordemann/ Christian CzychowskiCurrent Legislation and Jurisprudence of the Highest Courts in Copyright Law [“Aktuelle Gesetzgebung und höchstrichterliche Rechtsprechung im Urheberrecht”], NJW 2019, 725
    • Jan Bernd Nordemann/ Christian CzychowskiThe development of case law of lower and higher courts in copyright law in 2018 [“Die Entwicklung der unter– und obergerichtlichen Rechtsprechung zum Urheberrecht im Jahr 2018”], GRUR-RR 2019, 193
    • The liability of general access providers for website blocking [Die Haftung allgemeiner Zugangsprovider auf Website-Sperren“], GRUR 2018, 1016
    • The CJEU judgments GS Media, Filmspeler and ThePirateBay: a new European liability concept in copyright law for communication to the public [„EuGH-Urteile GS Media, Filmspeler und ThePirateBay: ein neues europäisches Haftungskonzept im Urheberrecht für die öffentliche Wiedergabe“], GRUR Int. 2018, 526
    • Jan Bernd Nordemann/ Julian Waiblinger, Legislation and jurisprudence of the highest courts in copyright law in 2017 [„Gesetzgebung und höchstrichterliche Rechtsprechung im Urheberrecht 2017“], NJW 2018, 756
    • Jan Bernd Nordemann/ Julian Waiblinger, The development of case law of lower and higher courts in copyright law in 2017 [“Die Entwicklung der unter- und obergerichtlichen Rechtsprechung zum Urheberrecht im Jahr 2017”]GRUR-RR 2018, 177
    • Stanislaus Jaworski/ Jan Bernd Nordemann, Aider-and-abettor liability of intermediaries for rights infringements on the Internet [„Gehilfenhaftung von Intermediären bei Rechtsverletzungen im Internet“], GRUR 2017, 567
    • Education and Science without Market Economy [Bildung und Wissenschaft ohne Marktwirtschaft], NJW 2017, 1586
    • Jan Bernd Nordemann/ Julian Waiblinger, Advertising on websites with copyright infringing offers on the internet [“Werbung auf Websites mit urheberrechtswidrigen Internetangeboten”], MMR 2017, 211
    • AIPPI: No copyright protection for AI works without human input, but related rights remain, available on the Kluwer Copyright Blog at
    • Jan Bernd NordemannStefanie Jehle, “VG Media/Google: German press publishers’ right declared unenforceable by the CJEU for formal reasons – but it will soon be re-born”, available on the Kluwer Copyright Blog at 
  • Lectures
    • Humboldt University of Berlin: “Introduction to Copyright Law (winter semester 2020/2021)
    • Humboldt University of Berlin: “Copyright infringements: Internet and Liability” (Summer Semester 2020)
    • Humboldt University of Berlin: “Copyright infringements: Internet and Liability” (Summer Semester 2019) 
    • Humboldt University of Berlin: “Introduction to Copyright Law (winter semester 2018/2019)
    • Humboldt University of Berlin: “Copyright infringements: Internet and Liability” (Summer Semester 2018)
    • Humboldt University of Berlin: “Introduction to Copyright Law (winter semester 2017/2018)
    • Humboldt University of Berlin: “Unfair Competition Law” (Summer Semester 2017) 
  • Awards
    • Best Lawyers® 2020 lists Nordemann among the selected lawyers in the field of Entertainment Law, Intellectual Property Law and Media Law.
    • The JUVE Handbook 2019/2020 again calls Jan Bernd Nordemann “one of the leading copyright lawyers in Germany”; he has also been repeatedly counted by the JUVE Handbook as one of the frequently recommended lawyers in trademark, contract and competition law, pp. 329, 695, 876, 879.
    • WirtschaftsWoche” (23.10.2019/No. 44, p. 106 f.) ranks him among the best lawyers for copyright law in Germany in 2019.
    • Awarded “Lawyer of the Year” in the category “Entertainment” (Berlin) in 2014-15 and 2017.
    • Legal 500 Deutschland 2018/2019 awards him special recognition in advising on copyright issues in press and publishing law and entertainment as well as trademark and competition law.
    • According to the World Trademark Review 1000 (2019) he is one of the most important trademark attorneys in Germany.
    • According to the Kanzleimonitor 2015/2016, Nordemann receives the most personal recommendations from legal departments in the category “Intellectual Property”. 
  • Memberships
    • Legal Director of the Erich Pommer Institute for Media Law, Media Economics and Media Research in Potsdam (EPI) 
    • Member of the EPI Supervisory Board for the Babelsberg Film University Konrad Wolf 
    • Chairman of the Standing Committee “Copyright” of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI)
    • Member of the Committee for Copyright and Publishing Law of GRUR
    • Deputy Chairman of the GRUR Antitrust Law Committee
    • Arbitrator of the German Media Arbitration Court (DMS) in Leipzig 
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