Prof. Dr. Christian Czychowski on the legal nature of raw data and potential protection

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FAZ Magazine 03/2020

Who has rights to raw data? In the article just published in FAZ Magazine on Intellectual Property 03/2020, Christian Czychowski, together with Dr. Sabine Kossak and Dr. Michael Renner, give an outlook on the developments that will be necessary to promote international harmonisation of the legal status of raw data. They do this as a working group of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) of which Prof. Dr. Christian Czychowski and NORDEMANN´s Luisa Siesmayer are active members. The protection of raw data and how to deal with such data in a Industry 4.0 environment will also be subject of AIPPIs Annual International Congress, next year to be held in Hangzhou/China: https://aippi.org/event

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