Viktoria Kraetzig on NFTs and their impact on the art market

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Interview „Krypto-Kunst“

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Digital art has conquered art markets worldwide – there is a real gold rush around NFTs. But what are the so-called ″non-fungible tokens″ doing to the art market? And how are they to be legally evaluated?

In the current issue (11/2022) of the Neue Juristische Wochenschrift (NJW), Dr. des. Viktoria Kraetzig gets to the bottom of these questions and the hype surrounding “crypto-art”. In an interview, she describes the background to this development and explains what it means for analog, copyright-protected art and their authors and creators. The legal classification of the position gained by acquiring an NFT artwork, like many other legal issues regarding this technology, is still unresolved. Therefore, a clear legal classification and public law regulation of NFTs and cryptocurrency is crucial.