Prof. Jan Bernd Nordemann on “Copyright and constitutional requirements for the self-regulation of website blocking claims in Germany”

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In the new issue of the Zeitschrift zum Urheber-und Medienrecht (6/2021) you can find an article on the new “Clearingstelle Urheberrecht im Internet” (CUII), a self-regulation body reviewing website blocking claims, written by our NORDEMANN partner Prof. Dr. Jan Bernd Nordemann, LL.M. together with Willem Müller, LL.M., head of the legal department at BVMI. The extrajudicial procedure shall be more efficient and help rightsholders gain a more effective protection of copyright, whereas a high standard of legal review shall be guaranteed in each individual case. The authors explain, inter alia, the legal grounds for website blocking in Germany and the constitutionality of the CUII.

Read the article (in German) in the new ZUM 2021, 507 on beck-online: https://beck-online.beck.de

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