Copyright Protection of Architecture

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24. September AIPPI-Webinar - 1 p.m.

Due to the reconstruction and modernization of buildings throughout Europe, the European courts have addressed questions about the requirements for copyright protection of architecture and its scope. Buildings can be protected by copyright from the outside as well as the inside. In various European countries, court rulings have answered questions such as these:

What are the requirements for copyright protection of architecture?

Is the architect allowed to stop the reconstruction of a building due to copyright?

The seminar organized by AIPPI will deal with case law from France, Germany, Italy and Turkey. Our partner Prof. Dr. Jan Bernd Nordemann speaks about copyright and architecture in Germany. He currently represents several construction companies that have been sued by architects for copyright infringement in the redesign of buildings.

The English-language webinar will take place on September 24 from 1 – 2 p.m. (CEST) and is open to everybody for free: https://zoom.us/webinar


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